Who We Are

Lucy lives by the principal of 'If you want a job doing...' and started a child sponsorship scheme in Sri Lanka when she was a teenager. This was her first 'project' which turned into an overwhelming success which is now self sustainable.

Turning her attention to Africa, Lucy now takes on projects in Tanzania and Uganda but nowhere is off limits. As long as the project meets certain criteria and 100% funding can be guaranteed to go to the beneficiaries, Lucy can make it happen. She secures funding. help and expertise from the UK and NEVER receives any pay, expenses, rent or administration costs- what you give is what they get.

What makes this the best way to make a difference:

100% of donations go to the project.

Anyone can offer help or suggest a project.

All projects are strictly checked, monitored, planned and organised.

We don't do anything for show and grandiose cheap gestures are not our thing at all. We do what matters to the people involved and aim to improve, ease or save lives through our work

Everything aims to be sustainable - we look to set something up that will continue to do good in the long term and that can become independent of need for outside help.

We follow through and work until the job is done thoroughly.

No junk mail, chugging, phone calling or hassle for supporters, just a quarterly update on the good your contribution is doing.

All workers volunteer 100%- no staff fees (unless employing local staff is part of the project), no office rent, no travel costs or expenses etc- we are small, independent and proud of that!

Project the Project enables communities to develop and overcome their struggles

100% of all donations goes to the projects

We never create dependence

You know where your donation goes and we make sure every penny is used wisely and to maximum impact.

We do no harm, work only through locals and local knowledge. Impact is constantly monitored forever.


Founder of Project the Project, Lucy has been a dedicated charity worker throughout her life. From working with street children in Brazil, tsunami victims in Sri Lanka and HIV/Aids women in Tanzania her scope is wide ranging and experience of charitable project management extensive.

Lucy loves running the charity and being a member of the Pattenmakers Livery Company, enjoying the freedom of the City of London. She works hard as a sports therapist to help fund her endeavours and loves nothing more than to run a marathon, cross a desert or climb some mountains to raise sponsorship.

Emmanuel John

John is a tourguide in Tanzania, showing tourists the incredible serengeti and Kilimanjaro regions. John has been a fantastic helper of Project the Project over the years and is a very useful Swahili- English translator!

John works tirelessly with the local community and nothing is too much to ask when it comes to helping others!


Andy has worked in the charity sector for his entire career. First being based in London in charge of operations in social housing for people with learning difficulties, mental health and forensic backgrounds. In 2015 Andy moved to Uganda as part of the founding team for the Uganda Marathon, an international fundraising event. Now full time in Uganda Andy has started a sustainable Recycling social enterprise that focuses on building zero waste communities and creating environmentally friendly jobs.


Cassian is a construction project manager, previously based in London but now travelling in Africa, India and Central Asia.
Whilst on the road, he together with his wife are undertaking several volunteering placements all linked by the theme of sustainable development, including working in and building eco lodges, working for a youth trust that trains young men in sustainable construction, and spending time with a charity growing and providing organic meals for hospital patients.

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